LegalTech Breakthrough Awards

Recognizing the top technology companies, solutions and products in the legal technology industry today.



Recognizing the world’s best technology LegalTech companies, products and services

In recent years, the use of technology and software to provide and aid legal professionals has become a white-hot category for tech, with the US legal services market alone representing an estimated $400+ billion market.

Technology discussions once reserved solely for select CIOs, CTOs and technologists are now commonplace for executive committees, partners, and associates at law firms.

The technology tools used to support legal work have a significant impact on the levels of trust, productivity, efficiency and success of legal professionals and companies around the world. With the growing number of tools and services available on the market, how can you stand out in a crowded market?

As the legal workplace has been transformed by the digital era, this technology has accelerated the digitization of the entire legal industry and disrupted the traditionally conservative legal market. The LegalTech market includes technologies in a wide range of fields such as smart contracts, workflow tools, knowledge management, e-billing and more. So how can companies find the right technology tools?

The Legal Tech Breakthrough Awards aims to perform the most comprehensive evaluation of LegalTech tools, services and companies today, with the goal of recognizing the BREAK THROUGH solutions.

We are passionate about what technology can do for the world and we are committed to providing a platform for recognition dedicated to standout legal technology companies, services and products throughout the world.

While legal technologies have increased slow and steady over the past decade, a new generation of innovators is bringing a better understanding of the massive potential for growth and opportunity associated with the adoption of legal technology tools.

With the growth in the number of Legal Technology companies in the industry, how can you stand out in a crowded market? How do you break out from the industry noise?


Nominate for a Legal Tech Breakthrough Award today and BREAK THROUGH!

The LegalTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top technology companies, solutions and products in the legal technology industry today.


Increase in LegalTech companies utilizing AI this year



VC investment growth in LegalTech companies in the past 8 years


$2.6 Billion

Money raised by LegalTech companies in 2020

LegalTech Breakthrough: Our Mission

The mission of the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of companies, technologies and products within the field of legal technology.

LegalTech Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, a leading global market intelligence and recognition platform for today’s most competitive categories of technology. Founded in 2014, Tech Breakthrough creates market intelligence and industry recognition programs for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early-stage startups in today’s most competitive technology sectors.

The company’s expertise includes Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity, Mobile & Wireless, Educational Technology (EdTech), Financial Services and Technology (FinTech, Digital Health & Medical Technology, Automotive & Transportation Technology, and Data Technology.

Tech Breakthrough has worked with companies, including Intel, Cisco, Sprint, American Express, HP, Comcast, Philips, PayPal, Samsung, General Electric, Dell and other leading technology industry titans, as well as many of the leading startup companies in the world. Tech Breakthrough Award winners receive well-deserved recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization to help rise above the most crowded technology markets.

Industry Recognition

LegalTech Breakthrough winners receive well-deserved industry recognition and third-party validation from an independent organization. The program is open to all individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing publicly available products and services. To be eligible, an entry must have been produced or updated after August 1, 2021 (2-year window).

Earning the coveted LegalTech Breakthrough Award provides compelling benefits.

  • Industry-wide recognition and media attention through LegalTech Breakthrough press, influencer, social media, analyst and media outreach campaigns touting the honorees.
  • LegalTech Breakthrough Award winner badge available to include on marketing materials (press release, social media, product packaging, advertising materials, etc.)
  • LegalTech Breakthrough trophy to display in your exhibit at tradeshows, events and in your company’s trophy case.

Top Macro Trends for 2023


Companies are shifting focus towards discovering new approaches to connect with existing and potential clients. Focus on new, seamless communication and collaboration channels for every part of the client engagement—from sales to invoicing.

AI-Driven document management

Thanks to AI-driven document management software that put document control into legal practitioners’ hands, allowing ease of use and interaction. Use of AI can reduce costs, perform better, and efficiently protect their clients.


Cybercrime is on the rise, especially in the legal sector. As law firms shift from in-person to a remote or hybrid work environment, more and more sensitive information is at risk from a hack or breach from bad actors.


Contract and document automation are some of the most common (and popular) LegalTech solution trends in the legal industry. They can be utilized by different functions to solve many pain points, save time, reduce risk and drive efficiencies within an organization.

Client Focus

The legal industry is expected to shift to a more client-focused approach in 2022. Clients want more remote legal solutions. Adopting remote processes and a hybrid work model allows law firms to widen the talent pool and bring in talent from more diverse backgrounds, as well as providing better learning and development opportunities.

Legal Spend Management

With a fundamental shift in market dynamics, there will be a corresponding pressure from clients to be able to have transparent and predictable fees, efficient capability and alternative fee arrangements.

LegalTech Breakthrough Awards are available in a comprehensive set of categories, including:


Case Management




Practice Management




Contract Management